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Maxi Code is used by UPS (United Parcel Service) on packing slips for sorting and addressing packages.

Web Techniques printing and barcode validation option can be added to our WT-30LCI and WT-35VS rewind systems!

But that doesn’t mean your customer will be able to scan the barcode.

The AIS VB-5 is a low cost, industrial quality, off-the-shelf solution to on-line bar code validation and verification*.

The VB-5 is a dedicated device, designed to ‘plug and play’ on your production line or printing system, removing the need for high cost custom PC or PLC solutions that perform the same task.

Validation checks that the proper number has been printed as expected but will not tell you if the barcode is readable by all other barcode scanners.

Validation helps to reduce errors, such as re-assigning a number from one item to another within a product line, or making an error assigning a number to a product. Both verification and validation are important because together they ensure accurate and readable barcodes.

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The simplest way to identify a barcode type (symbology) is to match the start and stop characters (designated in red) at the beginning and ending of the following barcode examples.

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