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Ray gordon book chat room

It’s as glorious a mess as The Room, only this time there’s a level of self-awareness that’s not so much a wink as it is a violent windstorm.

Up and coming cooks and chefs from around the UK fight to earn a job in one of Gordon's restaurant kitchens: every week two hopefuls help Gordon's brigade prepare dinner in the restaurant.

As a self-confessed Anglo-phile, this show fulfills my need to check out the British culture.

The week before we moved house, the BBC started a new drama, starring William Hartnell.

Step into Rachael's world with her new home furnishings.

With three distinct collections inspired by Rachael's favorite places and spaces, there's something inspiring and beautiful for everyone - and every room - with Rachael Ray Home. Gather your friends and family for a taco party created with Rach’s 30-Minute recipes.

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A remake of the 1979 movie of the same name, this PG-13 comedy stars Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin as three old friends and former co-workers who decide to rob a bank after their company's pension plan goes broke.

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  1. My mouth hit the floor when Harvey Dent’s face was revealed after his tragic accident. That’s why it pains me to report that Bob Hastings, the voice of Commissioner James Gordon on the beloved animated series, passed away yesterday at the age of 89.

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