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Wit the following instructions your dd-wrt router will check your IP address automatically and send it to your Smart DNS Proxy account and update.If you are using a router with DD-WRT firmware, you can make use of the built-in DDNS option to have A records for your domain automatically updated. Make sure Dynamic DNS is enabled for your domain.2.(Note: no "-a" for the first host name.) With url updates, the client program usually submits a request using the hypertext transport protocal (HTTP) to a DDNS Server.The request may contain your requested hostname (your dynamic domain name) and/or your IP address.In the "Host Name" field, you have to enter the fully qualified name of your dynamic domain (e.g. If you have multiple host names registered at your DDNS service, you can enter them in the "Host Name" field using the "-a" option.Example: You want to update the IP address for myhostname1.example.org, myhostname2.and myhostname3.example.org; in this case, you have to enter in the "Host Name" field the following string: "myhostname1.-a myhostname2.-a myhostname3.example.org".So if your Web server is on 192.1, you should use this address.Also to be sure that the device keeps the same IP address, you should use the MAC/IP binding.

If your router has a built-in pre-configured DDNS service, it’s possible that it won’t work with DD-WRT provides a set of predefined configurations for the most common DDNS services.After choosing from one of the predefined DDNS services, you have to provide the "User Name" and the "Password" for the account of your DDNS service.You'll likely need to open and forward ports, depending on what you're planning on doing.I would say it's because your System Firewall or any Antivirus automatically blocked your port to access to server from external connections, but you can still connect with LAN.

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For example, my Google Fiber “network box” (their fancy word for router & Wi Fi access point) limits your choices to a small list of DDNS providers… But since I have a Linksys router running DD-WRT set up as a standalone access point at my Utah house with Google Fiber, and also use Linksys routers with DD-WRT in router configuration at both my main house in Seattle and our cabin in Eastern Washington, I was able to configure them all to use Afraid.org’s Free DNS service so that I can remotely access each location. Afraid.org, then verify your email address once you receive the activation email. This needs to be one that hasn’t already been taken on the main domain you’ll choose next, so don’t be surprised if you have to try a few to find one that’s unique.